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When we begin to study the Latin language, as with any other language, the first thing we need to learn is its elementa, i.e. its sounds, and the letters used to represent them in writing. The following are the terms that are used when describing those sounds and letters.

Elementum, element.

1. sonus, sound.

2. littera, letter.

2.1. vócális, vowel.

2.1.1. correpta, short.

2.1.2. próducta, long.

2.2. cónsonáns, consonant.

2.2.1. múta, stop or plosive (p/b, t/d, c.k.q/g).

2.2.2. násális, nasal (m, n).

2.2.3. liqvida, liquid (l, r).

2.2.4. fricátíva, fricative (f, s).

2.2.5. duplex (-plicis), double (x, z).

Diphthongus (f.), diphthong.

Syllaba, syllable.

1. brevis, short.

2. longa, long.

2.1. nátúrá, by nature.

2.2. positióne, by position.

Accentus (-ús), accent.

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